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7 Signs of high cholesterol that we rarely Know


7 Signs of high cholesterol that we rarely Know 

 Its excess in the blood cholesterol levels (Hyperlipidemia) may be a bad impact on the health of the body. It gets worse, when the cholesterol level in the blood has exceeded the normal limit (160-200 mg), often there are no symptoms of any perceived (though there are actually). To find out, the measurement can be done with a blood test and it could be in terms of lifestyle and family health history. However, if difficult to set aside time for a blood test, seven signs below it is worth of note.

1. Pain in the foot

Common symptoms of cholesterol is klaudikasio, is a pain in the foot or arise any discomfort in the foot. This is caused by blockage of the arteries so that blood flow that should go into the foot becomes obstructed. Some people reported that his legsfelt heavy or tired when in use. The pain may spread on the whole foot, like calves, thighs, even down to the buttocks. Will be lost if it is not made to move or walk, then arose again when used in quite a long time.

2. Slow wound recovery process

This one's cholesterol symptoms associated with discrete diabetics, wounds (especially at the feet) will be a long recovery. The decrease in circulation be cause woundsare slow to recover, or though indirect but quick recovered.

3. Diarrhea never fails

The body has the ability to absorb one third of the needs of cholesterol from food consumed. Normally, the liver produces cholesterol the body needs, but on certain conditions the liver is not able to recognize those needs so that experience problems in metabolize fat. On the State or condition in which the body is not able to metabolize fat perfectly, it would potentially cause problems in the digestive system and absorption, so that symptoms of excessive diarrhea is one of the effect.

4. Wan accompanied migraine

Although not a symptom that certainly happened, but if viewed from a trigger that is terganggunnya fat metabolism process naturally also affects the digestive system.Food consumed was not successfully Digest so well that piling on the digestive tract. Sense of fullness that will send a signal to the brain to not add to the intake from the outside, making it appear lethargic and even accompanied migraine because actually the body in a State of lack of energy.

5. Decrease in brain function

The brain is the part of the body that becomes the repository of most cholesterol, about 25%. Therefore, it is not optimal fat metabolism processes make the production of blood cholesterol. If the LDL cholesterol levels higher than the HDL cholesterol, the brain will receive effects such as reduced memory, easy emotions, and alzeimerdisease triggers, along with other neurological diseases.

6. The heart often feels pain and pounding

Berlebihnya cholesterol will be hinder blood circulation due to narrowing of the arteries in the body that have high cholesterol. Because these activities will provide a signal to the heart to work harder so that pumps blood to flow normally. Side effects are felt by the sufferer is a pain in the heart and sometimes feel palpitations as people panic.

7. Excess weight

In addition to gas, naturally fat also accumulates in the abdominal area as the side effects of the disruption of the metabolism of fat. That way, your weight will increase and lead to overweight because fat cells more and more, even potentially against obesity.
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